Atop the remains of the Ship Niantic
arose a towering beacon


San Francisco’s Transamerica Pyramid was built adjacent to the final resting place of the Ship Niantic. The San Francisco Enlightened believe this location is of special importance to the understanding of XM and the Shapers. In an attempt to enhance communication with the shapers via the ephemeral glyph language, SF-ENL plans to build a stylized replica of the Transamerica Pyramid for Magnus Reawakens called the Transvisionary Oracle.

  • Vision

    We made sketches of our idea.

  • Blueprints

    We drew a more detailed picture so robots can fabricate it.

  • Prototype

    We built a 1/3 scale model to test our design.

  • PLP


The Transvisionary Oracle will stand 6 feet tall, constructed of CNC routed plywood. Powered by an Android tablet, it will provide agents with a touch-screen interface for communicating with the Shapers using glyphs. The Oracle will be illuminated with LEDs, and its interface amplified by a portable bluetooth speaker. This setup can be powered by A/C or by battery if necessary.

The interface will run a “fortune telling” app which accepts free form questions from chosen agents using glyphs, returning answers in glyphs as well. The software powering the communication interface is based on an open source (GNU GPL) glyphing practice app written by @geckour. The source code for the fortune telling app in progress can be found on GitHub

The structure will be adorned with the work of artisans within the Enlightened community, including glasswork, metalwork and paintings.

The oracle is designed to be transported as a partially assembled flat pack that can fit onto the roof rack of any compact vehicle. It can be easily deployed and dismantled on site with several screws. The footprint ensures that city-dwelling agents are not over-burdened by the storage of the project.

The Transvisionary Pyramid will be made primarily at the TechShop in San Francisco, CA. As a public access workshop, there are inherent risks in equipment being unavailable due to high demand, malfunction and required maintenance. We plan to mitigate this risk by starting construction as soon as the proposal is accepted, allowing us a 1 month buffer in which the project can be completed. Furthermore, there are 2 additional TechShop locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, both of which have the same equipment we intend to use.


It has long been believed that the Transamerica Pyramid’s name was derived from Across (Trans) America. However, Enlightened scholars studying what may have been ancient portals and scanner devices in the Middle East have posited that it actually refers to the doorway (transom) to Merica.

The ancient Mandaeans believed in a western paradise “marked by a star, the name of which is ‘Merica,’” which was called “those carried away by truth” or msunia kušṭa. This belief was carried on by the early Knights Templar, and Charles Martel, grand master of masons, sent a contingent of Freemasons from France to Merica in 701 to “restore the craft” after several hundred years of neglect.

Should it be surprising then, that many of San Francisco’s Freemason founders (Fremont, Stevenson, O’Farrell and Montgomery) arranged a configuration of streets and buildings culminating in the Masonic Pyramid being carved into the city’s street map itself, with the Transamerica Pyramid precisely where the All Seeing Eye would be?

In an attempt to utilize the connection between the Ship Niantic and the Transamerica Pyramid to enhance communication with the shapers via the ephemeral glyph language, SF-ENL plans to build a stylized replica of the Transamerica Pyramid for Magnus Reawakens called the Transvisionary Oracle.

Read more about the lore behind the Transvisionary Oracle.

Our Team

Meet our team of dreamers and makers


Tomago is a virtual arms dealer (it sounds more baller than "farmer"). When she's not busy herding teams of multidisciplinary cats in constructing art installations for festivals, she travels the world, working on her explorer and pioneer badges.


w1zard is an immortal being who has existed in the portal matrix since March 2013


Agent Katranrocks is currently conducting research on her thesis regarding fault lines and megafield lanes. Little is known of her earlier career, except it is known that this XM sensitive embarked on a series of highly classified missions for the government in the Eastern Sierras.


xxse7en is a xenolinguist and has conducted extensive research in the Shaper glyphs and exogenous symbology. His ongoing pursuits have revealed much about asynchronous, transdimensional communications, and he has been instrumental in their interpretation. Also, as a wilderness explorer, his work has shed illumination on remnants of much undiscovered Shaper communication in remote, natural areas.


StirlingClay brings his experience managing communications for a global health and well being organization to the team in order to facilitate enhanced, bi-directional communication through the portal network. With a specialization in working with expanding "group mind" collaboration, he trains willing participants to embrace MU fields for the benefit of all humanity.


Jookwarrior is an engineer who loves to tinker, play video games, eat great food, and explore new places. Because this description is actually not terribly descriptive, here are some relatively unknown non-opsec facts: He can play the cello/piano but hasn't done so in years...he can bend his left thumb backwards but not his right...he dislikes beans and taro with a passion...and though he's done the Inca Trail twice and the backside of Half Dome, he's not terribly fond of heights.'


Since goblins only have two viable career choices, GoblynSF did not want to be Level 1 dungeon fodder and instead currently works at Gringotts. GoblynSF also collects Exotic Matter and strings of prayer beads in his spare time, as well as drawing comics.


Is a data specialist who actually loves everything about his job. He enjoys the outdoors, especially out sailing on the Bay. He admires Nature in all its Glory sometimes capturing it on film. And, of course, he enjoys chillin’ with Ingress. Oops… there he goes recharging another Portal :-)


Agent YoreGrace leverages his native San Franciscan status to lend a local's perspective & input to the TransVisionary Oracle and Magnus Reawakens happenings. A newcomer to XM Research, YoreGrace's lack in experience and technical expertise is offset by his enthusiasm, a positive perspective, and genuine "can-do" attitude.

... and many more who prefer to remain anonymous, for now.